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Perfectly Cracked* Pepper and Salt by the New Hampshire Smokehouse


Apple wood Smoked Whole Peppa 6 oz kitchen size

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Apple wood Smoked Peppa Whole peppercorn 6 oz Kitchen size , every day use, gives pepper lovers a great authentic hickory smoked product of the New Hampshire Smokehouse and Bbq Shak, made in the USA and crafted by skilled pitmaster, Scott Buitta. This perfectly cracked whole peppercorn, not ground, makes this whole pepper spice and seasoning robust, tangy and perfect for all of your dishes. Grind as you need and enjoy! Keep one in your pocket, Great Gift. Order Today. shipping is at or below cost thru our local usps outlet, ask your local store if they carry, let us know what store to get our products in. Look for our resellers multi pack discount.

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